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The piler with wide paws of MFES-II

The piler with wide paws of MFES-II
  • The piler with wide paws of MFES-II
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Country of manufacture:Germany
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Model Unit of measure MFES-II 10H MFES-II 15H MFES-II 20H
Loading capacity Q (kg) 1000 1500 2000
Center of gravity c (mm) 500 500 500
Distance from an axis of forward wheels to the carriage x (mm) 795 795 795
Wheel base y (mm) 1395 1395 1395
Weight with the battery kg 930 990 1000
Load of a forward/back axis with freight kg 925/1005 1193/1297 1437/1563
Load of a forward/back axis without freight kg 685/245 729/261 736/264
Material of tires  - Polyurethane
Size of a forward wheel  - F 250х80 F 250х80 F 250х80
Size of a back wheel  - F 98х82 F 98х82 F 98х82
Size of balancing wheels  - F 150х60 F 150х60 F 150х60
Quantity of wheels (traction, balancing, rollers)  - 1kh +2/2 1kh +2/2 1kh +2/2
Track of forward wheels b10 (mm) 636 636 636
Track of back - wheels b11 (mm) 100-680 120-700 120-700
Piler height with the lowered mast h1 (mm) 2145/1895/2145/2295/2395
Maximum height of rise h3 (mm) 1600/2500/3000/3300/3500
Piler height with the lifted mast h4 (mm) 2145/3145/3645/3995/4195
Height from a pitchfork in the lowered situation h13 (mm) 70 70 70
Total length l1 (mm) 1965 1965 1965
Length to the carriage l2 (mm) 780 780 780
General width b1 (mm) 1142-1532 1142-1532 1142-1532
Sizes of a pitchfork (height/width/length) s/e/l (mm) 36/1000/1070 40/120/1070
External width of a pitchfork b5 (mm) 200-780 240-820 240-820
Width of working pass for a pallet of 1000х1200 mm Ast (mm) 2635 2635 2635
Width of working pass for a pallet of 800х1200 mm Ast (mm) 2570 2570 2570
Turn radius Wa (mm) 1800 1800 1800
Movement speed with freight / without freight km/h 4,2/5,6 4,2/5,6 4/5,6
Speed of raising of a mast with freight / without freight m/s 0,08/0,1 0,08/0,1 0,08/0,1
Speed of lowering of a mast with freight / without freight m/s 0,15/0,12 0,15/0,12 0,15/0,12
The overcome bias with freight / without freight % 6/10 6/10 6/10
Power of the traction S2 60 min engine kW 0,75 0,75 0,9
Engine capacity of rise is S3 15% kW 2,2 2,2 3
Rated power of the K5 battery In / Ach 24/200 24/240 24/240
Mass of the battery kg 200 240 240
Sizes of the battery (length/width/height) mm 675х254х500
Noise level according to DIN 12053 dB(A) 70
About the Maksformer company

The Maksformer company works at the market of the industrial equipment since 2004 and carries out complex deliveries of the load-lifting equipment, loaders, richtrak, pallet and half-internal racks, a plastic container, metal furniture for food, automotive, chemical industry, metallurgical and machine-building branches, post and bank spheres.

The complex of services provided by the company includes consultations, design, delivery and installation of equipment, guarantee and service. Our complex decisions will help you to reduce cost of movement and storage of freights, to optimize logistic streams that will allow to increase overall performance of the enterprise in general. The set of the complex projects developed by our company were created both for the separate companies, and for the whole activities. Along with individual approach, the Maksformer company offers the wide range of standard decisions which will bring considerable benefit for your business already now irrespective of in what industry or a services sector your enterprise works.

The flexible price policy of our company in combination with high quality of production does our offer in the market by one of the most competitive and attractive both for new, and for constant customers.

Following current trends, the Maksformer company develops and offers new concepts in the organization of logistics of the enterprise, promotes increase in efficiency of productions and increase in profit of the clients. Professional approach to work with customers, the joint solution of the standing tasks — a basis of successful long-term cooperation with our partners.

Country of manufacture:Germany
Type of stacker:Electric
Method of travel:Self-propelled
Fork lift mechanism:Not free upgrade
Type of traffic control:Slave
Information is up-to-date: 25.03.2020
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